The contents of the latest December issue

LEN Awards

The best ones 2007
After collecting the votes from all around Europe we proudly present the first winners of the LEN Awards.


Judgement day
What can you do if the referee ousts you? Do you have any chance of overturning a decision? An analysis from Craig Lord plus the five most famous DQs.


Money, money, money...
An interview with the FINA Treasurer Julio Maglione.

Grand slim
Anorexy is an illness but it?s hard to recognize. It means a real danger even for some of the synchro swimmers.

Bet on the best ones
After all it?s a game. With the Games. We asked the representatives of the Federations and the media to bet on the Beijing Olympics favourites.

From the Headquarters
The latest of LEN activities and the usual calendar.

News from the LEN Family
News from all 51 countries and the latest news about from next year?s European Champs in Eindhoven.

Open Water

Quo Vadis Open Water?

View from the chairman of LEN TOWSC. Team races, the future of the 25km event and more. An article by Flavio Bomio.

Double platform

Competitors dive to the pool from 10 metres. There are a few who do it from 20 metres. Divers from the show presented by Cirque du Soleil are brave men who have overcome their fears.

Heads of the family II.
After the presidents, it?s the general secretaries? turn. Introduction those who control the feds? operation.

Water Polo
Introducing the TWPC
A short overlook of the activites of the Water Polo Committee by its chairman, Haluk Toygarli.

Draws and birthday
The draws were usually hosted by Budapest. The unusual part: happy birthday to the President.

AIA?s corner
News from the ref?s association. Plus rule-trivia with prizes!

Best shots
Picture Open ? a great competition for photographers from all around the World. We received some great shots.

Swimming magazines
Showtime for our friends. Excerpts from other aquatic magazines? contents.

Wet pets
It?s human to swim in the water. Even for animals.