LEN Yearbook - a must for the swimming fans

If you are searching for results of five disciplines you will have to open a couple of web pages. Or look through reports, journals, CDs. Today the web is said to be the ultimate source for results, World Records, rankings.
The major championships can be found on one site, the juniors on a different one, and you should turn to another homepage to get European club competition. Different pages, different events, swimming, diving, water polo, synchro, open water. Well, you should have patience to have a successfull search.
Or - you have to order the LEN Yearbook.
This unique publication contains all important results of the given year in each discipline: each major and junior championships, the top LEN events - including the Masters and Short Course events - are appearing in the Yearbook. Here you can also find the updated World and European Records and the European swimmers? rankings in each event.
The yearbook was first published in 2005. If you want to collect the previous editions, send an e-mail to this address: