The contents of the 2009 December edition

Can?t beat the feeling!
Interview with Nory Kruchten, LEN President and FINA Vice-President


Farewell to the suits ? and the WRs?

The last suit-show
Ten more World Records and 26 European Records fell in Istanbul at the last major ?shiny? event of the year: the European Short Course Championships.

Off the record?
Should the World Records set in 2008 and 2009 stand or let?s go back to 2007?
Craig Lord on the WR vs Best Times debate, plus opinions from the swimmers.

Laure Manaudou ended her career. Questionable? Here are the reasons.


Many from Germany
The Germans dominated the contest of the best European athletes in aquatics: they collected four LEN Awards.

History in the suit
Best male swimmer of 2009: Paul BIEDERMANN

Carrying on to test her limits
Best female swimmer of 2009: Britta STEFFEN

In a theme park, under pressure
Best male diver of 2009: Thomas DALEY

From the gold fish to gold medals
Best female diver of 2009: Tania CAGNOTTO

Knows how to endure and win
Best synchro swimmer of 2009: Natalia ISHCHENKO

?The best year I?ve ever had?
Best male open water swimmer of 2009: Thomas LURZ

A champion reborn
Best female open water swimmer of 2009: Angela MAURER

?I?m not a fragile ballet dancer?
Larisa ILCHENKO on her first ever defeat (in open water and in the LEN Award voting)

?It takes blood and sweat to be remembered?
Best male water polo player of 2009: Filip FILIPOVIC

Games in Athens
Best female water polo player of 2009: Iefke van BELKUM


Let?s play rugby ? in the water?!
Drowning into exclusions and counterfouls water polo cries for a change. Is water rugby a solution?

On time and on budget
London prepares for 2012 ? updates on aquatic matters


The best shots
The winning pictures of our annual photo competition

From the Headquarters
Information about the LEN activities and the calendar for 2010 and 2011

News from the family

Our friends
Contents of the partner aquatic magazines

The real swimsuits!
No buoyancy. No permeability tests. No WR. This is the real swimwear!