Winners of the LEN Aquatic Photo Competition 2007

The LEN Aquatic Photo Competition was held in December 2007. This was the very first edition of a competition open for photographers covering aquatic sports. It proved to be a very successful initiative involving hundreds of participants and remarkable photos. Choosing among them was not an easy task at all: following several pre-selections the LEN Bureau voted by secret ballot for the first three winners to be awarded with Omega watches in the framework of the Ceremony of Awards, a highlight of the LEN Gala dinner on 21 March at the European Swimming Championships in Eindhoven.

First place:

?The Jump?

Patrick B. Kraemer

Second place:


Hansjürgen Britsch

Third place:

"Melbourne Arms Phelps?

Robert Vos
The Netherlands

Your choice for the Best Aquatic Photo of 2007

Besides the above mentioned three winners, the LEN Magazine website visitors also elected their favourite photo. The winner of the Popularity Prize, Robert Cianflone received 33% of the huge number of votes recorded on our website as coming from all over the world. His prize will be also handed over on 21 March 2008 at the European Swimming Championships in Eindhoven, in the framework of the official LEN Gala Dinner. We sincerely thank all those who voted and warm congratulations to Robert Cianflone.

"Off the Blocks?
"Off the Blocks?

Robert Cianflone
Robert Cianflone

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