Winners of the LEN Aquatic Photo Competition 2008

165 pictures were entered for the LEN Photo competition in 2008. The LEN Bureau voted by secret ballot for the winners of this year?s prizes 29 November, 2008.

First prize:

Anikó Kovács, Hungary

Title of the photo: "Wet air"

Second prize:

Robert Vos
ANP, The Netherlands

Title of the photo: "Hoogenband congratulates Van der Weijden"

Third prize:

Kuba Atys
Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

Title of the photo: "Synchro? swim"

Following several thousand votes for the LEN Photo Competition POPULARITY PRIZE on the LEN Magazine website, the winner is:

Franck Faugere
DPPI, France

Title of the photo: "Water drops"

The winners will receive their prizes in Rijeka, at the European Short Course Swimming Championships 13th December during the LEN Gala dinner.

Congratulations to the Winners and a big thanks to all the participants and all those who voted!

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