Winners of the LEN Aquatic Photo Competition 2009

LEN Photo Competition 2009 in one line:
Record number of photos from a record number of photographers?

Cameras clicking and clicking. A start, a quick pace, a grimace, a smile, a jump, a cry, a shot...Moments frozen in time for safe-keeping. All simply unforgettable, and thanks to those who watch things differently ... who would stand near the pool always following events through a sighting slot. For them a contest, a performance, a jump, a game is nothing but a set of moments saved for eternity. And when those contests are over, it?s time for their own competition to start. One of them is the LEN Photo Competition. The LEN Bureau members who chose the winners this year had the most difficult task in the history of the competition: the LEN Magazine received more than 250 entries. In a departure from previous years, a swimming picture took first prize this time, after synchronised swimming photos stood out in 2007 and 2008.

First Prize:

Super Challenging
Saevar Geir Sigurjonsson
Iceland, Swimming Club Odinn, Akureyri

Photo: Super Challenging

Second Prize:

Water Polo school
Aniko Kovacs

Photo: Water Polo school

Third Prize:

Synchronised Swimming in deep night
Julia Reznichenko
Ukraine, Ukrainian Swimming Federation

Photo: Synchronised Swimming in deep night

Popularity Prize:

Sweetness and play
Pillar Silvestre Sanchez
Spain, Freelancer

Photo: Sweetness and play

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