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Just days after the conclusion of the 30th European Championships held in Budapest LEN Magazine?s third edition is available with the most relevant and detailed review of LEN?s showcase event.

Event by event analysis with the results ? compared to the predictions the Magazine published in the June edition ?, race reviews, time comparisons, and the experts? opinions about the events in all four disciplines.

And more: on-site interviews with the greatest stars of the championships! The best swimmers, divers, synchronised swimmers and open water warriors share their views about their performances. Order the Magazine and read what the athletes think!

Meet ? on paper ? Alain Bernard, Paul Biedermann, Yannick Agnel, Sebastian Roault, Camille Lacourt, Liam Tancock, Daniel Gyurta, Alexander Dale Oen, Yuri Korotyshkin, Pawel Korzeniowski, Laszlo Cseh, Francesca Halsall, Federica Pellegrini, Rebecca Adlington, Lotte Friis, Gemma Spofforth, Elizabeth Simmonds, Yulia Efimova, Therese Alshammar, Sarah Sjostrom, Hannah Miley and Katinka Hosszu. Also, the divers: Patrick Hausding, Ilya Kvasha, Tania Cagnotto, Christin Steuer ? the best synchro swimmer, Natalia Ishchenko and the heroes of the open water competition, Thomas Lurz and Linsy Heister.

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