Buying information

By clicking on the Subscription menu item, the following screen is displayed:

Here, you need to select the quantity you want next to the subscription type by using the drop-down list ( ), and the price will be automatically filled. One or more types of subscription can be selected at the same time. The prices are given in Euro.

Then you have to select whether you are in Europe or outside Europe. It is important because of the delivery price. The fields marked with asterisks are mandatory. If the e-mail field is not properly filled (@ and .are not appear), a warning is displayed and you cannot proceed.

Upon clicking on the ?Payment page? button, the payment screen of K&H bank is displayed. See below:

Here, you can see the price, the Name of Merchant (always LEN Publications), the Merchant Identification Number (it is always the same as well) and the Transaction ID. The ?Card number?, the ?Date of expiry (year and month)?, ?The last three digits of the control code printed on the reverse side of your card? and ?e-mail address? fields are required. If the transaction is successful the following window appears:

By clicking on the ?Back to shop? link, you can return to LEN Magazine page, where you can check the details of the transaction.

If you provide an invalid card number, the system warns you and you have to enter the correct number.

If the date of expiry or the last three digits of the control code printed on the reverse side of your card is not matching, ?The payment was unsuccessful? message appears.

You will receive an e-mail message after the successful transaction, including the details of the transaction. You should keep this e-mail in case of disclaimer.

no limitation

subscription available even for one issue

Cancellation of order:
In case of an order is placed and paid, we have no possibility to refund the subscription fee.

In case the ordered magazine does not arrive to the Subscriber, a claim in e-mail or fax should be sent to LEN Magazine Editorial Office and the lost issue will be replaced.

Terms of delivery:
The subscription fee contains the postal costs within or outside Europe. The ordered Magazine is posted to the Subcriber with 5 days after publication.

Handling and usage of subscribers? data:
The Subscribers? data are provided voluntarily, kept confidential and only used for LEN Magazine Subscribers? registration purposes.

Data protection and handling:
Data handling is confidential, data exclusively used by the LEN Magazine Editorial Office.

Payment with bank card
Paying by bank card allows you to buy the LEN publications safely and conveniently on the webpage. After ordering the selected product, you will be directed to the K&H Bank website, where you can pay by bank card, using encrypted transactions currently considered the most secure type of transaction, as used by the Bank. All our customers have to do is to click on the "payment by bank card" option when selecting the method of payment, and then to specify their card number and expiry date on the K&H Bank payment server. K&H Bank accepts VISA Classic, VISA Electron and Eurocard/MasterCard cards.
Important! We can only accept bank cards issued for electronic use if their usage has been authorized by the card-issuing bank! Please make enquiries at your bank about whether your card may be used for Internet purchases.
Following a successful purchase, K&H Bank will issue an authorization number for the transaction, which is worth noting or printing out in full. In the event of an unsuccessful transaction, K&H Bank will advise of the cause of error in a message.