Erich MEYER - Swiss Swimming Federation

Qualification: lic.oec.HSG

Profession: Coach/Consultant

President since: 8th December 2002

Next President election: Jan. 2008

Language knowledge: D/E/F

E-mail address:

Telephone number: ?57?11

As graduate economist of the University St. Gallen I worked very successfully for more than ten years in various management positions ? also international ones - among others as sales/account manager in the automobile industry, as controller and HR manager at Berna Biotech AG and as CFO of the Calleo Consulting Group. After my position as COO at DemoSCOPE Research & Marketing I foundet the Value Coaching Team AG together with two colleagues and started working as Coach and Consultant. I leave togehter with Miryam Escher and my two sons and her twin daughters. In my early days I was a succuessful swimmer at national level till I was 27 years old. At 20 I added 1 year of water polo to support my home team in the Swiss premier league. Since December 2002 I hold the position of president of the Swiss Swimmimg Federation.