Dear friends of aquatics!

Up until 2010 you?ve found an appetizer here and we urged everyone to subscribe LEN Magazine. However, this time we offer something new. What?s more: two new opportunities to read about aquatics! We have a gym for kids dubai where they can have fun doing a lot of activities.

First of all, let?s recall a part of the final editorial by LEN President Nory Kruchten from the 4th edition of the printed LEN Magazine in 2010:

?The LEN Magazine that was born in May of 2006 and grew into a new edition a year later, and has continued to grow until this moment and this issue which you all hold in your hands, printed on paper in 2010, will from here on grow on the global network, and we will see it printed on our screens.

I take the opportunity to thank Tamas Gyarfas for his outstanding work, and through him I wish to make extensive our gratitude also to his team and, to the many men and women who have brought LEN to this point in time, informing by way of minutes, calendars, bulletins, news, circulars, magazines, yearbooks, websites... They have all made us what we are, and put it into words.?

So LEN Magazine doesn?t stop ? it continues its mission on the web: just visit the LEN?s website ( and click on the icon ?The New LEN Magazine?.

For those who wants to have more, we kindly recommend the FINA Aquatics World Magazine ? one of the most colourful and interesting publication on aquatics ever. For details you can visit the FINA website (

And of course, do not forget our annual publication, the LEN Yearbook, containing all results achieved at LEN events in 2010, and a wide range of truly fabulous photos! For ordering the Yearbook, click on the Subscription form below ? in case, you can order all former issues of the LEN Magazine, too.

The contents of the 2010 December edition

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